Wristech blood pressure monitors are light and simple to use. By attaching it to your wrist with the velcro straps, all you need to do is then push the green button to activate. You’ll receive quick, results of your blood pressure and pulse rate will be displayed on the large easy to read LCD screen.

They also feature a built in date and time that automatically charts your results and stores your readings for future reference.

Here Are Two Wristech Blood Pressure Monitors Reviewed:

  • Wristech Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Wristech Blood Pressure Monitor

    This blood pressure device inflates automatically to the correct level without needing adjustments. Large LCD displays both blood pressure and pulse rate. Memory function automatically holds up to 99 measurements for blood pressure history. Comes with a quick reference guide and log for making notes of your readings and extensive instruction manual. It is an excellent unit to keep track of your health at home or on the go.

    Recent Customer Comments...

    I check my blood pressure before I go to the Physician and it is basically a match between the two. It has a memory bank which you can easily access. Very simple to use. I have seen such monitors costing much more. I therefore recommend this one and would buy it again. Thank You.

    Charlotte A Abreu

    This is the easiest blood pressure monitor I ever seen; it works excellent- easy to read, even counts your pulse which for me is a huge thing because I am a Nurse Assistant and is very hard to find a pulse especially in old people, just push a button and you are done. I would recommend to all my friends and family especially if they work in a health care field.

    Veronika N Cheban

    This product works very well, and is easy to use. I have checked it against my cuff type monitor, and they agree.

    James A Collis

  • Wristech New and Improved Model Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Wristech Blood Pressure Monitor

    A simple and easy to use blood pressure monitor, unlike most other blood pressure monitors, the Wristech is not bulky and is easy to attach without assistance. The Wristec blood pressure monitor works by attaching the straps and using one easy button to start the calculations. In less than a minute it will display your systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and your heart rate. Its new feature stores up to 40 previous readings for 3 users, making it a total of 120 results. A part of the new features it also comes with a cover to protect it for easy storage and travel and is FDA approved.

    Recent Customer Comments...

    I am very satisfied with the product. It works great, and has memory locations to store previous readings for me and my wife. (it actually has 3 memory locations)

    John Desrosiers

    I have had great luck with this monitor. It is durable, I have had it for at least 5 years. It also is accurate as I have taken it to the Dr.'s office and compared results. I have "White Coat Syndrome" where my pressure is higher at the office. For this reason I bought this little monitor so I could measure my blood pressure at home. It is very handy!


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